About Me

Writing has always been a passion of mine. When my daughter came along, she became my number one priority. I thought as she got older that I would rejoin the “working world”, but Elanna had other plans. My original plan was to go back to work or school when she turned two. Now she is 27 months, and we are in the process of diagnosing her seizures and slight developmental delay. I decided that leaving the home to work was not an option, so I turned to my other passion, writing. Right now I am working on a few content marketing sites, but I am looking for private clients. I love animals, alternative medicine, and my family. I love giving my opinions and advice, sometimes unsolicited. Hey, I’m just trying to help. Sometimes I feel that writing truly saves my sanity, because I tend to worry and become obsessive about things. My hope is that by being myself on here I can help and inspire others. If I can land some writing gigs while I’m at it, great. If not, that’s ok too.

One thought on “About Me”

  1. U are a unfit mother and lost 2 kids the little boy had 26 broken bones and gave her oldest to the ex mother in law so tell me leaving with the child and not letting the father know u call that a mom


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